Improve your Sleep by Blocking Blue Light
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BlueBlockers Australia blue light blocking wafer glasses

BlueBlockers Style

$59.99 $79.99

They're finally here - Blue Blockers STYLE!

Our latest custom designed Blue Blocker Glasses that not only block blue light, but make you look good while doing it!! 

These are our premium range glasses which still feature our same custom designed blue blocking lens. Our lens removes 280nm - 540nm light wave length which cuts all the blue light and some green light wave spectrum.

This is much more superior lens compared to other common blue blockings glasses which do not block as much of the blue / green wave lengths, this makes our product more much more effective at reducing the harmful effects of blue light and improving your sleep.

**Included with our premium glasses is a quality vinyl carry case and lens cloth.

Blue Blockers Style Features:

  • Blocks >99% light below 520 nm 
  • Premium style frames
  • Impact and Scratch Resistant 
  • Vinyl carry case and lens cloth
  • Specifically designed to help you sleep by blocking harmful UV & Blue Light
  • Use after sundown when you are exposed to artificial light for improved sleep
  • Improve your sleep by restricting blue light from entering your eye
  • Blocks harmful blue & UV light but allows other light through


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Customer Reviews

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